Blackjack – When to hit?

Blackjack - When to hit?

Blackjack – When to hit? Live Blackjack is one of the popular games in the world. In blackjack, you have to try to score 21 points on the total of your cards, or at least 21 points more than the bank.

If you have heard somewhere about “Hit” term in Blackjack and wondering when to hit, here we will learn briefly.

What is ‘Hit’ in Blackjack?

To ‘Hit’ is to ask for another card in the game of Blackjack. ‘Stand’ is to hold your total and end your turn. If the player goes more than 21 he bust, and the dealer wins despite the dealer’s hand. Also read about insurance in Blackjack.

Let us learn here quickly when to hit in Live Blackjack?

The players always receive two open cards, the bank one open and one face down.

After that, each player has his turn in turn and can draw cards (Hit), stand still (Hold) or in some cases split the hand into two hands (Double) or give up (Surrender).

You can draw cards until you reach 21 or exceed them. After that, the croupier’s turn. He continues to draw cards until he has at least 17 points in his hand.

Blackjack - When to hit?
Blackjack – Learn to hit


•    If you try to reach 21 points while trying to reach more than 21, you automatically lose.

•    If the dealer is overbought and you are still in the game, so you have not overbought, you will win.

•    If both have a valid score, the one who has more points wins and is closer to 21.

•    If you draw, you will receive your stake back.

•    When you hit a blackjack (ace + 10 card value), you get a higher payout and beat each dealer’s hand.

The possible moves:

If you master the basic rules of the game, you will have to deal with the probabilities and different moves next. Live Blackjack does not just about know the rules and relying on your luck in the game, it’s about making momentous decisions that ultimately affect your chances of winning. Read more about blackjack here.