Plinko Online:

Plinko online

Plinko Online is one of the best Bitcoin Casino games together with Bitcoin Keno and Bingo.. This game is inspired by the Japanese version of the game. It uses gravity to find the winning route down the triangular ping to win huge amounts of Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency.

Plinko Online :

Plinko is a very classic and popular game show. If you are playing this interesting game online or on a board game as a party game, the strategy is quite simple.

Aim your cannon and throw the ball with the correct strength and orientation to get all the colored spheres of each level based on rebounds. It surpasses a total of 30 increasingly complex levels to solve and tries to complete them in the fewest possible launches. Enjoy this classic physics game now adapted to your computer screen.

Plinko Online
Plinko Online

You need to place a chip against a board, drop it and it bounces through the maze before landing in a slot where you will be awarded certain type of prizes or you will get nothing at all.

Once you have all of the chips, step up to the board. Lay a Plinko chip flat against the tip of the Plinko board. Take aim at the prize you wish to win by lining up the chips within the area where it can bounce around the board till it lands in the slots.

Then release the chips and watch it bounce and see where it travels through the maze till it reached one of the bottom slots. If you will the prize and the chips don’t land on zero, you can add an amount of the prize to the grand total of winnings.

The best tip:

Since the chips bounce inside the maze, many times the most effective strategy is to line the chip up with a slot which is 3 or 4 slots away from its center slots that are typically the largest prize. With doing this, there is a big chance for the chips to bounce around through its maze and drop towards the center slot. However, it is the riskiest as the 2 zeros slots are nearby the big money slot. Read more about Plinko here.