Ethereum Gambling:

Ethereum Gambling

What is Ethereum Gambling? Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency available for gamblers and is proving to be a driving force within the cryptographic community. The currency of Ethereum operates similarly to Bitcoin Casino.

What makes Ethereum gambling different?

Ethereum is the “Ether” which works similarly to bitcoin. You can buy and sell it, with the confirmation of transactions handled through a blockchain. It is completely decentralized, without banks that provide the necessary confirmations to validate the transactions made with it.

In that way, Ethereum’s strokes are similar to those of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It means that owners can use Ether to make transactions online, save it and potentially earn money with its increasing value. It went from about $ 10 for Ether at the beginning of 2017, to more than $ 1,100 at the beginning of this 2018.

Below is a list of gambling sites that accept Ethereum deposits and withdrawals. For more information on Ether and how to use for gambling, please read below.

– Betchain

– Bitstars

– CryptoGames

– FortuneJack

Ethereum Gambling
Ethereum Gambling

How to gamble with Ether?

Ethereum allows people to transact Ether in the same way a Bitcoin player would. For this reason, many players have adopted Ethereum and numerous gambling sites allow their users to bet with Ether. The list of betting sites has grown. That is why we have aggregated all the Ether casinos, dice sites, sports bets and poker rooms available and have grouped them here.

Buy Ether to bet:

Although Ether is extremely popular, it is not as easy to get as Bitcoins. However, players familiar with the Bitcoin purchase will be able to trade Bitcoins for Ether on different trading platforms. We recommend for fast and secure BTC / ETH transactions. Read more about Ethereum transactions here.

Ethereum Gambling – Ethereum wallets:

Before you start selling Bitcoins for Ether and visiting gambling sites, you will need a wallet to receive your new ETH. The number of Ethereum portfolios is growing. However, the proven “Mist” portfolio developed by the Ethereum foundation is probably the safest starting point.

Ether portfolios operate very similarly to Bitcoin portfolios, yet offer an additional ability to interact via ‘smart contracts’. Such smart contracts are extremely new and exciting technology. But for many Ethereum users, this technology is irrelevant if their plans are predominantly directed only to gambling via Ether.