Eth Casino:

Eth Casino

Eth Casino: After bitcoin casino slots, Eth Casino is booming today. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency available to players and is proving to gain strength in the cryptocurrency community. The currency of Ethereum or Ether operates similarly to Bitcoin. However, the protocol is completely separate. 

Here are some of the best Eth Casino sites:

– Betchain

– Bitstars

– CryptoGames

– FortuneJack

How to Bet with Ether?

Ethereum allows users to transfer with Ether like what a player using Bitcoin would do. Cryptocurrency operates in a blockchain with miners who are incentivizing through block rewards. The blocks exploit through the ‘proof of work’. All this is very similar to Bitcoin. However, Ethereum allows players in addition to carrying out value transactions, also executing computer “smart contracts” in the blockchain itself.

It is for this reason that many players use Ethereum. Also, several random gaming sites now allow their users to bet using Ether. This list of betting sites is growing, and that is why we have listed all available Ether gaming sites, be they casinos, dice, sports betting and poker rooms.

Eth Casino
Eth Casino

Buying Ether to Play:

Although Ether is very popular, it is not so easy to access it compared to Bitcoin. However, players who are familiar with the purchase of Bitcoin may exchange their Bitcoin for Ether. We recommend for fast and secure BTC / ETH transactions. 

Advantages of Eth Casino for gambling:

Playing with Ether does not necessarily have to be “better” than playing with Bitcoin. The properties of both currencies are the same, and both share the benefits of being fast, anonymous and transparent. 

The disadvantage is that the list of gaming sites for Ether is much more limited than the huge number of casinos, poker rooms, and Bitcoin sports bookmakers. That said, Ether has gained a lot of popularity, and we anticipate that many more cryptocurrency casinos will accept this new currency shortly.