How to buy Tron?

How to buy Tron?

How to buy Tron? Tron is an open source blockchain platform that aims to be a global digital entertainment system. The platform claims to offer security, scalability, and privacy in a space where its users can share digital content easily and inexpensively. As in other platforms, Tron is designed so that anyone who wants to can create and launch their own tokens on it and using by third parties.

How to buy Tron?

Buy TRX on Binance:

Binance is a platform specialized in cryptocurrency trading. It is among the most recommended since it has proven to be very safe and to offer a large number of cryptocurrencies.

It has been on the market since 2017, so it is relatively young. It started after completing a financing stage (ICO) with which it raised $ 15 million for its development.

How to buy Tron?
Buy Tron

Steps to buy Tron from Binance platform:

The steps to follow will be to “wallet” and then select “deposit”. However, there is an expandable menu that lists a long list of alternative cryptocurrencies. To make the search easier we can write the name of the cryptocurrency that interests us.

The platform will show us for each cryptocurrency a unique deposit address to which we can send the asset. For bitcoin betting, your Binance BTC wallet address will appear. There is also the option to obtain the QR code.

Then you must go to the exchange or wallet where you have your BTC and carry out the sending operation to this address. Shipping from an exchange will be subject to a small commission.

Once the transfer has been made, we will be ready to proceed with the purchase of TRX.

Payment options when using Binance:

Binance prioritizes the purchase of cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies. With some cryptocurrencies at Binance you can buy many others. On the platform you can see what cryptocurrencies you can acquire with each of them. Well, not all of them will allow you to acquire any one of them.