Buy Bitcoins with Cash Deposit:

Buy Bitcoins with Cash Deposit

Buy Bitcoins with Cash Deposit: You have cash and you want to buy BTC for sports betting online bitcoin, right? Here we present you with a quick guide.

How to buy Bitcoins with Cash Deposit?

There are few options to obtain bitcoin using cash. However, there are two options that can fix the problem. The first is the P2P platforms (egLocalBitcoins and CoinCola). Here you can find sellers willing to accept cash in exchange for bitcoins. It is important that you check the seller’s experience and reputation on the site. After buying you need to store your bitcoins at your bitcoin wallet.

If they seem like a trustworthy user, set up an appointment for the exchange in your city. Start with smaller amounts to avoid fraud. The other option to buy bitcoins with cash is to use a bitcoin ATM. 

Yes, there are hundreds of ATMs that allow you to buy and sell bitcoins in a simple way, using cash or credit and debit cards. They are found in the main cities of the world and are very easy to use. 

Buy Bitcoins with Cash Deposit
Buy Bitcoins with Cash Deposit

Buy bitcoins with credit or debit card:

There are two main ways to buy bitcoins with a credit card:

Invest in bitcoin using regulated brokers that offer it as a derivative. In this case, you get contracts that allow you to invest without buying the cryptocurrency itself.

Buy bitcoins with a debit or credit card, operating directly on a cryptocurrency exchange. Here you should be aware of the regulations since many of these platforms operate without a license.

Being the most common form of payment and sought by investors, it is one of the most offered. In the case of eToro, the platform allows you to deposit with VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro cards. 

On the other hand, Coinbase will only accept cards that offer the “3D Security” option. To make your purchase effective with this payment method, simply select “Credit or debit card” from the list and specify the requested information.