Craps Strategy:

Craps strategy

Craps strategy: If you are eager to play Craps game, but do not know how to play, here we present you with the best Craps Strategy. Craps strategy is similar to other casino strategies like Baccarat Strategy or Roulette Strategy, it can help you to win money.

Remember that the rules of the Craps are the same for online and in the casino, so this guide is valid for both modalities.

Craps Strategy – Don’t Proposition Bets:

The bets determine with a single roll of the dice, and with a House Margin that is too high. Only the Any Craps bet carries a House Margin of more than 11%.

Craps strategy
Craps strategy

Don’t “Lay Bets”:

If you insist on making Lay Bets, the only way you can increase your winnings is by betting fixed amounts. Since the casino usually charges a 5% commission for every $ 20 wagered. It is advisable to bet with exact amounts. This will ensure a return of the winnings, without allowing the casino to round them up.

If you have the budget and are bent on making Lay Bets, do it only by betting multiples of $ 40 on 4 and 10. You can also do with multiples of $ 30 on 5 and 9, and amounts of $ 24 on 6 and 8. Learn more about the Craps game here.

Make Place Bets in Multiple Denominations:

To get full payout odds on a place bet, you will have to bet on multiple specific denominations. On 4, 5, 9, and 10 you should bet with multiples of $ 5, while on 6 and 8 you should bet multiples of $ 6.

Any other amount will result in uneven amounts, which will leverage by the casino to round them up and achieve a standard payout amount. An additional trick to make place bets: do them only on 6 and 8. These numbers return a House Margin close to 1.5%, while 5 and 9 produce 4%, and 10 a Margin close to 7%.