Bitfinex Review: If you are in the field of Online Bitcoin Betting, you must have heard about Bitfinex or other crypto exchanges like Kraken or Poloniex. Cryptocurrency speculation has gained a lot of popularity in recent months.

We have analyzed the security of Bitfinex and we are delighting to say that in our opinion it is a secure platform to trade with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitfinex Review and Payment Methods:

You can deposit money with a lot of options and also by bank transfer of dollars. If you deposit an equivalent of more than $ 1000, the deposit is free. For smaller deposits, there is a commission that varies depending on the currency you use in the transaction. Bank transfers in dollars have a fixed commission of 0.1%.

Money withdrawals always have a commission, which again depends on the currency used. In the case of dollars, it is the same as for deposits.

Safety and Regulations:

According to its terms and conditions, the platform is not responsible for losses due to situations of the major cause that include cyber theft. Therefore, the guarantee of your funds is non-existent, beyond which of course they take all possible measures to promote security.

They have, and it is advisable to use, a two-step identification system with which to log in to your trading account. In addition to your password, you will need your smartphone. In our opinion something recommended.

Bitfinex Review

Web Design and Mobile App:

Bitfinex offers a fully customizable and allows users to configure the functions and tools to their liking. In this way, the trading experience is much simpler and more satisfying. You can save your preferences regarding the market and orders, sort and organize the columns of orders. You can also change the color of the theme for a light or dark background, activate notifications in the browser with alerts and custom sounds, and much more.

Bitfinex allows you to continue connecting with your business thanks to its mobile application, which is available on Google Play and App Store. Among the intelligent features that this app has been the transfer between portfolios, check of movements, order and position management.

The API key is a measure that increases the security of your session from the application, which you can create in the API section from the Bitfinex page.

At that time, you can choose the options you want to activate in the application so that, in case someone takes your mobile, they cannot fully access your negotiations.

Finally, you must scan the QR code that will appear on your computer screen once the password has been generated to be able to log in from your smartphone.

Web functionality:

The operations are very simple and it is easy to access information about the supply and demand of the different cryptocurrencies. You can select your favorite pairs that will appear in the left column of the investment interface and allow you to switch from one to another quickly.

The design is common in this type of platform with the main menu at the top and a more expanded menu at the bottom of the web page. You can select white or black wallpaper that lets your eyes rest a little.

Bitfinex Review Customer Support:

The customer service is not too fast, something that seems to us a problem in a trading platform, in which time can play very against investors. To access it, you have to register. If you are not a user, you will not be able to contact them directly.

Once registered, you must go to the support section and open a ticket with your question or claim. They will answer you in a few hours via email. You will generally receive a first email confirming that they have received your message, and another one later with the response itself.

Best help deserves the help section, where you can find answers to the vast majority of questions that may arise. However, it does not justify the lack of support service.

Bitfinex Review
Bitfinex Review

Our Experience:

Our experience with this cryptocurrency speculation platform is, in general, very good. It allows trading in many pairs of cryptocurrencies with each other and cryptocurrencies against the dollar and the euro, so the flexibility is enormous.

The commissions are very reasonable and depend on the volume of the operation and the fact that you are the creator of the market or not.

Is it a Bitfinex scam?

There has been much talk about the relationship between Bitfinex and Tether. Thether has been accused of generating cryptocurrencies without the backing of dollar balances.

Of course, the company has denied this accusation and we also have the fact that most users continue to support it. We have not found evidence of a true scam and crossed accusations. Some saying that it is the competition that throws false information and others claiming problems, which are very strange to us given our own experience. Find more about Bitfinex here.

Bitfinex Review Conclusion:

The first thing we have to say about Bitfinex is that we don’t think it’s a fraud. While it is true that in the past a cyber attack stole money from the platform and this affected its users.

On the positive side, we have to say that the platform does not hide these facts and it seems to us that it has an honest and transparent behavior that is very commendable.

As for the investment possibilities, we have no complaints, without quite the contrary they seem quite interesting. The offer is good, with a lot of flexibility and is very simple to use.