is popular for being trustworthy and caters to all types of sports bettors. Here in this article, we are going to offer you a comprehensive and honest review of this popular bookmaker platform. Overview:

With more than two decades of experience, Bookmaker was born with the clear intention of serving both the professional and recreational player.

With an offer in constant evolution and growth, the company continues today attracting the most acute and important players.

Although here we will focus on its powerful sports offer, offers many other gaming possibilities such as casino, horse racing, bingo, poker or also betting from the mobile.

All this, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, whether you choose to play from home, or if you prefer to do it from your mobile device, you will have maximum confidentiality.

How works?

If you want to start playing with you just have to register on your website as a new user. To do this you must fill in a series of personal data that may not be missing a valid email account, as well as your username and password.

At that time, you just need to make the first deposit of money in your new account so you can start playing with total security.

The company provides maximum confidentiality to its customers that have led it to develop so many contact tools between its users and site. Thus, any user who needs it can use their live chat to solve their doubts and problems when placing their bets. Review

More about system :

In addition, we can make use of an email address enabled by the company, as well as approach the different profiles that the bookmaker has in the different social networks. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google + or YouTube, Bookmaker users will be able to see firsthand the news that they offer. If they need it, they could also answer their questions about their bets.

In addition, anyone who needs it can also use a telephone line.

One of the great workhorses of the web is their Live Betting Odds. With a well-nourished offer in this regard, we recommend that you be very attentive to its “Live Betting” section. It is where it will concentrate a good part of the best offers and promotions of the bookmaker. This is a section that will undoubtedly surprise the most critical players.

Offers and promotions:

Bookmaker offers a good series of offers and promotions to make your game and betting offer even more attractive.


Thus, the first thing we observe is that we will have two types of welcome bonuses. The first of them offers us the possibility of entering 50% more of our first income if it has not exceeded 300 Euros.


The second will offer us an additional 15% if our first income exceeds 2500 Euros.

Whatever the case we can get, we find great welcome offers, at the height of the best of how many we know in the market and a good start for those who have decided to start playing.


In addition, right now it is also offering a 10% revaluation for each and every one of the income you make in your account. Finally, their offers called “Early bird Tuesday” and “Early Bird Wednesday”, offer you an additional 20% in what you bet those two days.

If your offers are good, even better are the shares offered by the company right now and we do not doubt for a moment to place them among the best that the market can offer us today.

Bookmaker App:

Bookmaker already offers its users the possibility of having on their mobile phones and tablets all the services offered on the web. They do not take any additional charge or a new user account.

Its applications are now available for the vast majority of mobile phones and tablets and its use is increasingly improved. Their live services are already available too, so you can place your bets wherever you are with all the guarantees and with total security.

Payment and Transfers:

If you are one of those who are especially concerned about the forms of payment you can use, you are safe at Bookmaker. To begin, do not hesitate to use your credit or debit cards if you wish.

The minimum you can specify in 50 Euros but beware of the maximum because they vary depending on the type of card you use. In the same way, you should check the daily, weekly and monthly limits set by the web-based on your awareness of responsible gaming.

Of course, you can also use traditional bank transfers, a method that is still preferred by many users, despite the emergence of much more modern ones. Transfers also have a minimum of 50 Euros and pay attention to your entity in case they could apply some kind of surcharge. Example:

Finally, Bookmaker also offers you several types of electronic wallets. It is a system that offers maximum security in the operation since you should not enter your bank details every time you use it.

 Thus, for example, you can use Neteller with a minimum of 100 Euros and a maximum of 10000. Bank Draft or Bank Wire is other modes of this type that you can have. You just have to make sure the amounts they allow since they are variable. Its speed in terms of the availability of your money and security is total. Read more about Neteller here. Conclusion:

In conclusion, we must say that we have had the best experience with It’s betting the house is the safest and most private in the world so the user will not have to think about much more than choosing their favorite event. Play with total peace of mind and security!