Know about Ethereum :

How to deposit with Ethereum? This is the question of many people around the world and so here in this article, you will get complete information regarding this.

The Ethereum is one of the strongest cryptocurrencies on the market, it is much more recent than the Bitcoin but its value is gradually increasing, it is at par or better valued than Bitcoin. As for its use in online casinos, it has the same characteristics as the competition, allows deposits and quick, anonymous withdrawals.

Here is the step by step tutorial on how to deposit with Ethereum and send money from an Ethereum paper wallet. Here we will use the MyEtherWallet wallet which is widely used. Read more about MyEtherWallet here.

How to deposit with Ethereum?

Storing money in a paper wallet is the surest way to save our Tokens, since only we have control of the funds, thanks to the private key.

In the case of Ethereum, it is very useful to have paper addresses with money at hand, since it will be useful to invest in initial offers of currencies (ICOs).

Step 1:

First enter MyEtherWallet, from the main page we can create our paper wallet. You enter a password of at least 9 characters, combining letters and numbers. You click on “Create New Wallet.” How to get an ethereum wallet?

Create New Wallet

Step 2:

In this step, we save the Keystore, by clicking on “Download Keystore File “. Then the “I understand” button will be enabled. Then continue to confirm.

Download Keystore File
Download Keystore File and Continue

Step 3:

In this step, it shows the private key, which you must keep it in a safe place because in case of losing it you will never recover your ETH. In addition, you can print the paper wallet that was generated.

ETH Keystore
Save Keystore file

Step 4:

Now it is the turn to send money to the generated address (public key).

In this case, you send 0.10 ETH to the public address from a Bittrex account. If you check the status of the transaction, it is pending, as it has not yet been confirmed by the miners.

In addition, it is noted that you have 0.095 ETH, this is because the shipment generated a commission of 0.005 ETH.

Once the transaction is confirmed you already have the money available to use it or to save it.

Save private key and address

Step 5:

In this step we you send the 0.095 you have from ETH to an address in your Blockchain wallet. For this, you select “Send Ether & Tokens” from the MyEtherWallet menu.

You will access the funds with our private key (Private Key). You can write it, or copy it if you have it stored somewhere. If the password is correct, a button that says “Unlock” will be enabled on the right, click on it.

Step 6:

On the right side of the screen, you can see the balance of our account (0.095 ETH), which we will use to send it to another Ethereumaddress.

From the left side, you will proceed with the shipment. Enter the address of the destination (To Address) and the amount to send. And click on “Generate Transaction”.

Then, it asks for another confirmation: Click on “Send Transaction”.

This is the simple way how to deposit with Ethereum.

Once you have learned how to deposit with Ethereum, you may be wondering how it relates to the duration of the Ether transaction? In the following section, we will also talk about the transaction time needed to transfer Ether from account to account.

How to deposit with Ethereum?Ethereum transaction duration:

ETH is the second largest cryptocurrency according to Bitcoin. 500,000 transfers are made daily. This has been done more than transfers in Bitcoin, but that’s not all, because this sum exceeds the transactions of all cryptocurrencies in common. The Ethereum course is subject to many fluctuations which is why it is worth watching and then strike when it is particularly favorable.

What is necessary to make a transfer with this cryptocurrency and what is the Ethereum transaction duration?

In order to transfer this cryptocurrency, you need Ethereum Wallet, otherwise, it is not possible. Of course, you should first buy or own Ethereum so you can do it at all. You can buy Ether on different exchanges, as well as Ether Mining operate.

If your wallet is full, the transaction can start. You can transfer Ether to any business partner who also has a wallet. It is also possible to donate ETH for charitable or charitable purposes.

Then you have to specify the address of the wallet in the field provided, which should receive your transfer.

In any case, you need the correct address of your business partner, so that the transfer runs smoothly and the respective amount of ether actually arrives there.

Then you enter in the field “Amount” the sum of ether, which should receive the other one. This can be any amount, provided it is available in your wallet.

How to deposit with Ethereum?Determine how high the fee you want to pay for transfers:

Now it is the matter of the trick. Depending on the amount of the fee, the duration of the Ether transaction is shorter or longer. In other words, if the charge is low, the duration of the Ether Transaction is longer, and if the charge is high, the transaction time will be shortened. It is about the maximum amount because the community of users deals with who should make the respective transfers.

This is always the one who has made the cheapest offer. So it may well be that you pay a lower fee than you specified. However, most users use the default setting.

Once you have found you way to make deposits with ethereum, then you can use this at many sites for various purposes such as gambling. You can easily find an online bitcoin casino, that also accepts deposits with Ethereum.

Hope this simple guide on how to deposit with Ethereum will help you.