Nitrogen Sports : Among those online bitcoin sports betting providers where you can place bets with the cryptocurrency, Nitrogensports is one of the absolute top providers.

Details of Nitrogen Sports:

Nitrogen Sports was founded in 2012, just a few years after the Bitcoin launch. Thus, the bookmaker ranks among the most established Bitcoin betting providers.

To make the whole thing a little clearer: In July 2013, a BTC was still worth just under $ 68 worth. Today, Bitcoin is booming. So, if you have already decided on Bitcoin and Nitrogen sports at the time, then it should not be too bad today.

The increasing popularity of crypto-currency in connection with Online bitcoin sports betting is causing a veritable Bitcoin boom among the bookmakers. More and more want to jump on the train. Since it can be difficult to keep track of who is reputable and trustworthy among the Bitcoin Bookies.

That is why we took a closer look at Nitrogen Sports and analyzed the deposit and payout of this Bitcoin sportsbook provider. As always, the most important facts are listed at the beginning.

Nitrogen Sports
Nitrogen Sports : Future of betting

How to pay at Nitrogen Sports?

First of all, Nitrogensports is not a traditional bookmaker in the classical sense. If your previous sportsbook experience is limited to well-known bookmakers like Bwin or Bet365, then you have to prepare yourself for a completely new weather experience at Nitrogensports.

On the start page of Nitrogensports, you are immediately greeted with the idea of ​​creating an anonymous account. You can only look at the sportsbook once you have registered.

Nitrogen Sports Mobile Registration:

You simply create your account by specifying a username and a secure password. No phone number, no address, no e-mail, no verification – which at first glance may seem a bit strange, is in the Bitcoin universe commonplace.

The security is not in the complete identification of the customer but in the blockchain itself. Read more about blockchain here.

In principle, one should always be well informed in advance about the subject of cryptocurrencies. In spite of the long-term increase in value, these are often exposed to very sharp short-term price fluctuations. Although it is a very stable cryptocurrency, by comparison, bitcoin is considered highly volatile.

However, since Nitrogen Sports are not converted into real currencies such as USD or GBP, but are put into BTC. The problem of fluctuations in the exchange rate is less precarious than with bookies such as 1XBet.

For these bookmakers, a deposit and withdrawal in Bitcoins are possible, but the cryptocurrency is always converted into central bank currencies.

Bitcoin Deposit in Nitrogen Sports:

The Bitcoin deposit at Nitrogensports then works as follows. If you tap or click on your account and subsequently on the “Cashier” button, then open the various payment options. In Nitrogen sports, the whole is limited to three forms:

– Deposit: Bitcoin deposit on your betting account.

– Withdrawal: Bitcoin withdrawal from your betting account.

– Transfer: Bitcoin Transfer to the account of another Nitrogensports Users.

To supplement your account balance with Nitrogensports there are only two options. You either transfer BTC from your wallet to the Nitrogensports account, or you receive BTC from another Nitrogen user.

Nitrogen Sports Live Chat Mobile:

If you opt for the conventional deposit variant, the whole thing is relatively easy. You generate a bitcoin address for the BTC transfer. The deposits are then processed via this address as soon as they have been confirmed in the blockchain.

As usual, larger amounts require 6x confirmation as the security of the transaction increases exponentially with each acknowledgment.

Nitrogen Sports
Nitrogen Sports

Bitcoin deposit through Mobile :

Usually, it takes no more than a few minutes for the last required confirmation. Information on minimum deposit amounts or other limits is just as little as welcome bonuses account.

Nitrogen Sports is a true no-nonsense bookie. It is all about one thing and that is betting on sporting events with Bitcoin. The only limit is for betting itself.

Here is the minimum amount per bet placed at 0.1 mBT (milli-bitcoin) which is equivalent to 0.0001 BTC according to the current exchange rate.

For the individual betting markets, there are also maximum amounts that can be set.

Payment Method :

How the Bitcoin works payment for Nitrogen sports?

Now finally for payout in Nitrogensports, in contrast to the deposit, there are a few more modalities to consider here. Depending on the amount of cash you wish to withdraw, the bookmaker insists on a certain number of blockchain confirmations to give the deal a green light.

All payouts below 1.0 BTC require a confirmation. For amounts between 1 and 10 BTC, you need two confirmations, for 10 to 50 BTC for amounts over 50 BTC 6 confirmations.

But this also serves for your safety in the end. Very important: Make sure that the specified Bitcoin address is correct. Transfers cannot be reversed.

The Nitrogen sports Sportsbook:

Normally we would write at this point about the payment methods at the bookmaker. However, since Nitrogensports is a little bit more unusual Bookie, we want to give you a brief introduction to the Sportsbook and the markets you can bet on in Nitrogen sports.

The Sportsbook comes in American style. That means markets have spreads, money line (ML) and totals. In addition, there are the options Parlay and teaser on the bet slip.

Spreads are nothing more than the well-known handicap bet. Say a team has to win by a margin to make the bet successful. The money line or ML bet is the American equivalent to the three-way bet (1X2). The parlay option on the bet slip is then nothing more than a combo bet and a teaser is a spread option over several football or basketball matches.