Primedice is one of the most popular and undisputed online bitcoin casino platforms. Today in the following post, we are going to discuss more about this reliable dice game : Primedice, bitcoin casino game.


Primedice Casino is going through its 5th year online, with more than 2 million accounts created and 27 billion bets made. It is the most famous Bitcoin casino in the world, and you surely won’t want to stay out.

The free Faucet every 3 minutes gives you the possibility to try the site before making your first deposit.

Instant extractions secure your money in your wallet in a few minutes, without the need for data or identity checks. And let’s not forget to mention Live Support 24/7 hours a day to assist you in all your bets and concerns.

Currently, Primedice Casino accepts 5 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin, and many more will be added in the future.
Primedice : Trusted Bitcoin Game

One of the reputed platforms

We thoroughly checked Primedice Casino and gave this casino a very good reputation rating. This means that we have a great casino here where you can confidently play. In our review, we took into consideration the complaints received through the casino, their estimated financial income, their license, the authenticity of the games. Also, we have checked the quality of the customer service, the fairness of the terms offered, the payout modalities and the profit limits and other factors. 

Read the full reviews of the casino below to find out more about this casino.

According to our research and estimates, Primedice Casino is a medium-sized online casino in terms of financial turnover. The monetary income of a casino is an important factor, as larger casinos should have no problems with high profits and their payouts. Smaller casinos may have difficulties if you want to pay big winnings.

Features of Primedice Casino

We will hardly exaggerate if we say that PrimeDice is the surely a leader among similar casino websites. 

From the beginning, each player gets 100 free satoshi (0.00000100 BTC) – the first impression of the process is available without any deposit. If the balance reaches zero, a player can save money with the help of an integrated bitcoin stream.

Registration process simplified:

PrimeDice is also popular for its simple registration process. You will only thing needed is to write a name. That’s it. One can easily play dice for bitcoins. Email address and a password are discretionary.

Also, there is chat support is also available on the left side of the website for those who bet they can be entertained. 

Online users show impressive numbers: 

It rarely reaches less than 2,000 numbers of people online. When reading the chat, you will also get to see congratulations when you make successful bets and predictions on the price of Bitcoin.

PrimeDice offers similar conditions to those who bet: 

One of the best parts of PrimeDice is that authentication is automatic. If you want to log in to your anonymous account again, you only need to use a single link. That can be found in the “Account” tab. Also, you can adjust things like password, 2-factor authentication, and other amenities. Read more about authentications here.

The house advantage is 0.5%. The other half of the percentage goes to progressive jackpots. As a result, the base payment amounts to 99%.

PrimeDice has activated the principle of demonstrably fair bets. Players can make sure that every result is fair.

PrimeDice website is more similar to a comfortable basement with some gamblers sitting at a table. For people who prefer silent simplicity and do not like chat rooms, they will like this website.

It is likely that Crypto-Games is suitable for people who tend to choose the golden medium. If we compare it with SatoshiDice, SatoshiDice casino is not as loud as PrimeDice, yet it is not as quiet as the dead, which SatoshiDice is very often like that. 

The website has a chat. There are usually thousands of people online. In case you want to invite your friends, there is also a reference system.

Payments and Withdrawals with

PrimeDice game operates solely with Bitcoins only. The maximum bet amount on the website is 5 BTC and the maximum payout you can withdraw 40 BTC per bet individually. PrimeDice Banking works very easily and quickly. In addition, deposits are quick and usually, withdrawals are processed within minutes. However, you must receive 1 confirmation on your deposit before you start withdrawing any coins.

We have found no relevant complaints about this casino:

Based on all the information mentioned in this review, we can conclude that Primedice Casino is a very good online casino. You can expect to be treated well and decently at this casino and experience a pleasurable gaming experience overall, but only if you choose to play there.

Let us find out the Positive and Negative parts of this dice game:

Interesting situation:

– A medium-sized casino. 

– Only cryptocurrencies are accepted.


– This casino accepts players from many countries.

– Players are allowed to use the VPN.

– Supports many cryptocurrencies.

– Unlimited payouts are possible.


Only one game is available

Primedice – Conclusion:

In the end: if you think about how you can earn bitcoins with the help of websites like PrimeDice, we recommend you forget everything. Such bets must be pure entertainment, not a way to earn money.

So, we wish you the most when playing!