Review of The list of sport betting bitcoin sites is growing steadily. With, a new bookmaker has hit the market and has been quite successful.

History about : offers, among other topics, a broad sports betting portfolio. Similar to or Nitrogensports also Betcoin belongs to the circle of genuine Bitcoin bookmakers. That means that the crypto deposit does not convert into Dollars or any other currencies but retains its value.

Right on the start page, also presents itself not only as a Bitcoin Bookie but also as a true Ethereum bookmaker. We have gone through, how the Betcoin deposit works and what cryptocurrencies accepts by Betcoin.

With Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum at Betcoin Pay:

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In addition to a Bitcoin deposit with Betcoin, there are a lot of other available cryptocurrencies. The key to Betcoin is that it does not translate into a central bank currency such as Dollars, such as at the Bitcoin bookmaker 1xbet. Instead, the BTC retains its value as a cryptocurrency at Betcoin.

But instead of counting in mBTC (milli-bitcoins) or tiny decimal places, simply gives you chips in return. It gives with 1 BTC = 1000 chips. This is a very important aspect because it allows you to convert other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Litecoin into bitcoin.

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Betcoin Ethereum Deposit Desktop:

The crypto bookmaker 1 ETH is switching to the equivalent of 88.14 chips. Since 1 BTC at the Bookie corresponds to 1000 chips, the Ether does trade to the Bitcoin value. For example, if you use Shapeshift at the Bitcoin bookmaker, you simply convert it into chips.

Other Cryptocurrency

In, the Betcoin ETH-BTC exchange rate is pretty much the same as the Coinmarketcap date of deposit. Read more about Coinmarketcap here. If you update the deposit mask, the price may look different within a minute. At, you can really count on being reputable and that the BTC exchange rate or chip value is equal to the market value. The same goes for the Betcoin Litecoin deposit as well as Bitcoin Cash and Dash.

What are the advantages of

The biggest advantage of Betcoin’s chip system is certainly the ability to deposit with multiple cryptocurrencies. If you invest intelligently in cryptocurrencies, you usually have a broad portfolio.

So you can pay in each case from the various wallets to a Bitcoin betting account at Betcoin. And therefore does not have to put everything on one card. With the ETH Deposit Betcoin also counts to the small but fine circle of Ethereum sports bets. Another bonus is the bonus system at Betcoin. We will take a closer look at this.

Triple Betcoin Bonus – Best bitcoin bonus under the Crypto Bookies?

Real Bitcoin bookmakers, you will not yet find many and even rarer you will find a crypto bookmaker with a really good deposit bonus. This is exactly where can score. Betcoin works on its bonus system on a rewards basis. Every customer with a Betcoin account will start on Bronze Level III. Sports betting allow you to earn Betcoin Status Points.

Betcoin Levels Status Points Banner:

The levels from bronze to master are each divides into three sub-levels. From the second lowest level, namely Bronze Level II, there is then a deposit bonus. But there are bonuses for the first three deposits. rates the deposit bonus as follows: Deposit Bonus :

1. Deposit: 100% bonus up to 1 BTC (= 1,000 chips / credits)

2. Deposit: 50% bonus up to 1 BTC (= 1,000 chips / credits)

3. Deposit: 25% bonus up to 1 BTC (= 1,000 chips / credits)

Review of Bonus System

Of course, with this offer, you also have to say very clearly that the Betcoin Bonus System prefers High Roller. But if you have 1 bitcoin on the site and would like to bet with it, you can of course profit quite a bit here.

Nevertheless, also strives to bring smaller fish on board. The minimum deposit is 0.01 mBTC (0.00001 BTC). A similarly low minimum deposit amount is unlikely to be found at any other sportsbook provider in the world. But who plays with such amounts, it must also be clear that you will rise very slowly in the level.

Payment in

The payout at can be processed in the same cryptocurrency as the deposit. Of course, you have to keep a close eye on how the Bitcoin price is changing compared to the other currencies like Dash or Ethereum.

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Betcoin Casino

Payout in

The minimum amount for withdrawals is also 0.01 mBTC unless you want to pay off with Bitcoin. For the Bitcoin payment, the minimum amount is 5 mBTC. That is a very high sum. Here you would probably better advisable to pay in another cryptocurrency.

Conclusion about Review of

The growing popularity of is no coincidence. Due to the low limits and variety of crypto payment methods, it is easy even for betting fans with little experience to be in the Sportsbook.

In addition, the bonus system offers some incentives, especially for high rollers. Nevertheless, from the e-sports fan to the football fan at everyone should find a suitable betting offer for themselves.

Criticism about Payment

In addition to the many advantages, there is also a point of criticism. The minimum payout of 5 mBTC at Bitcoin payment is specially set for betting fans with a smaller budget too high.

Especially when you consider that the minimum deposit is only 0.01 mBTC, then the difference is simply too high. But is constantly renewing. And they are trying hard to improve the weather experience. It is quite possible that the high minimum payment will change anything.